I applaud people who work in customer service. Like, seriously. Hats off to you.

Whenever I see people working in restaurants serving customers, I don’t know how they stand customers who yell at them just because the ice cream machine is broken, or they’re given not enough ketchup, or they didn’t get the discount they were promised to, which by the way EXPIRED MONTHS AGO.

If I could give medals to people who work in customer service, I’d give you all trophies. 

Okay, so I worked as a call center agent not only for a month, or 3 months, or 6 months, but FOR A YEAR. Looking back, I didn’t even know how I survived it. T’was a year of convincing the customers to try our new phone bundle or internet bundle or TV bundle, being nice to them even when they’re literally screaming at you even when you did nothing wrong, pleasing them to be a loyal customer and prevent them from closing their account. Yeah, all of that.

To be honest, though, I tried being nice most of the time but people really just get on my nerves.

One of the most memorable calls I’ve had was about an elderly lady who called about her internet being down. I mean, that was a pretty trivial task. All I had to do was just refresh her internet system, and all she needed to do was just turn her router off and turn it back on and then boom, the internet is back on. Easy peasy, right? I did all of that, it was just less than 2 minutes BUT THEN she dropped this bomb:

“Oh, uh, how do I turn the internet off?”

I thought to myself, no worries, she’s an elderly. She needs help. I said to her, “Well, you just need to find the router, press the on button, wait for 30 seconds, and press it again.”

“But where’s the router?”

This… is where I started panicking. Not because I’m gonna have a long call and my supervisor would kill me if I stay in a call for too long. No, I panicked because I don’t know if I have the patience to guide an elderly. One thing you need to know about me. I’m impatient as heck. If I’m assigned a task where patience is of high importance, I’d completely fail to finish it. 

So anyways, I guided her where the router is, made her turn it off and turn it back on. It took 30 minutes for us to do the whole thing.


I was exhausted at this point, but I think she was more exhausted. She apologized over and over again during the whole call and when it was all done, she thanked me and then told me, in her most calm voice the words “Can I talk to your supervisor?”


Of course, I can’t say that, she was just an angel. So I just said, “Sure. Let me just get my supervisor.”

I know I could’ve asked her why she needed my supervisor, but I was just really exhausted with the whole ordeal that I just blurted out those words. 

My supervisor willingly agreed to take over the call, and at this point I just really don’t know what’ll happen next. I thought of different scenarios in my head of what their conversation was. These were the scenarios in my head:

A: she’s mad at me for making her stay in the call for 30 minutes just to turn the router off and on

B: she’s yelling at my supervisor for having such an incompetent employee

C: her teeth fell off

I don’t know, I just thought of that to relieve my stress.

After my supervisor hung up the call, he looked at me. At this point, I’m actually nervous. I really don’t like it when customers badmouth me to my supervisor. He came to me, stood beside me and then clapped 3 times and yelled “WE HAVE A COMMENDATION CALL FROM MAGGIE. GOOD JOB!” At this point, the whole floor looked at me and clapped alongside my supervisor. I’m blushing SO HARD from all this attention. 

I was just kidding. There were only like 3 people who clapped and then most of them just stared at us. Some didn’t even glance, because it was a busy floor after all. But it was enough to make me feel giddy inside.

And I kinda feel proud of myself, too. I learned something that day. That I CAN be patient after all and you really need a lot of patience in helping out the old people.

So yeah, that was my best customer call I’ve had. I know it wasn’t the best, but it was the best for me, mmmkay? I’d DIE for that woman. I wish she’s okay right now, though.

Let’s proceed to the creepiest calls now, shall we?

One of the creepiest calls I’ve received was from an elderly man who wants to purchase a buy one get one phone. And hot damn, I thought to myself, imma make a sale today. So yeah, we go through the whole process of the purchase. I asked him a bunch of questions like: what type of phone does he want, what color, what’s his social security number.

Hey, disclaimer, this is mandatory and I didn’t use his social number for fraud. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to remember a 9 digit number.

You can search me officer, I’m safe.

So anyways, we’re 1 and a half hours into the call and my supervisor doesn’t mind me being in a long call because after all, I’m making a sale, baby.

Making a sale in a call center is probably the number one key performance indicator. If you can make one sale, especially if it’s a phone sale, you’re considered a hero in the team.

So yeah, I asked a bunch of important questions. We’re just waiting for the confirmation of the system to go through, but then he started being… creepy. He started to ask me what my salary was, where I live, what my age was. Like, heck I’m giving you that information. I just told him that I can’t give those out because it’s confidential.

So yeah, we started chatting for a bit. He told me he has a wife, three kids and they’re all married now. We’re almost 2 hours in the call and he just started being a chatterbox. Like why didn’t you do it sooner, you little @$^(%$

So anyways, he asked me if i wanted him to give me a plane ticket to go to the US. And I asked “why would you do that?” “because I wanted to.”

You’re making yourself sound cute but ya aint cute.

Just IMAGINE this. An elderly (probably my grandpa’s age) wanted to give me a ticket because he “wanted to”. You just told me you have a wife and kids, but you wanna give a random stranger a plane ticket? A ticket that costs thousands a dollars???

Something smells fucky here.

At this point, I was seriously considering giving the call to my supervisor, but I could lose my sale so I just go through it. This is just a conversation with a crepey, old dude, that’s all.

I was literally screaming internally and I swear to God the system knows it because it’s being freaking slow at the process.

He asked me for my email address but I didn’t give it to him, but he gave his email to me and asked me to get in touch with him. Like bruh, I can literally see all of your information on my screen. But I decided to not do anything about it because he’s being creepy as heck.

And thank god, the phone purchase got through. We got the delivery information, the purchase number, all of it. Before the call ended, he made me swear to get in touch with him and being the good customer service agent I was, I just said, “sure.” 🙂 and we ended the call.

I don’t know if he’s being nice, but he just came off as a creepy dude to me. I didn’t know if he got the phone or not because we don’t have access to that kind of information. This happened like 3 years ago and i can’t even remember his name and the email address he gave me. I didn’t bother to look it up anyway, because I’m forgetful as heck.

So yeah, those two are my most memorable experiences of being a call center agent. Sorry, if it’s just two of them because I don’t HAVE any memorable experiences. 

All in all, being a call center agent is a pretty fun experience. It was my very first job so it’s precious to me. I’ve got lots of fun experiences working there with some of my co-workers. It sure as hell wasn’t perfect and I’ve had some stressful days. But still, 10/10.

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