Working in a call center was my first job and I’m gonna treasure it forever even though I hated every minute working as an agent due to the toxicity of the work itself but whateva.

Call center will always have a special place in my heart and working in one is a memorable experience for me so I’m going to share with you all the types of customers I got when I worked as a call center agent.

So here it is, baby. I’m gonna rank them from worst to best (in my opinion)

The first one I’m gonna mention is probably the MOST hated type of customer for call center agents. You know what I’m talking about. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

The irate customers.

The rabid, violent man-eating customers. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who actually liked talking to an irate customer. Unless you’re a masochist and likes a challenge, then by all means… go ahead. 

Sure, they’re the type of people that’ll make you enhance your skills in socializing but nope, not for me. Nuh uh. I ain’t talking that call. You can’t make me. I’m outta here. PEACE!

But seriously, though, I think 50% of my calls everyday, I get an irate customer. And you would THINK that I got used to talking to one… but no.

Who would ever want to talk to an already angry person for no reason?! It’s not like I stole your PS5, dude. Calm yo udders.

The key to winning an irate customer’s heart is to be calm throughout the call, ask them what they really need, provide them what they want and if they ask for your supervisor, this is what you gotta do…

Drop the call.


The second one on my list are the talkative customers.

Most people would disagree with me that this type of customer is one of the worst but I only hated them because I don’t wanna be in a call for a very long time. Customers who are like this tend to talk about how nice the weather is, how annoyed they were at the show they were watching, how disappointed they were at the elections.

I know it’s a good ice-breaker during the call but I personally don’t care about all of this? I know it sounds rude, which it probably really is.

I mean, we have a KPI to follow through and one of them is the average handle time which means we need to make the calls as short as possible and solve the issue.

If you were my friend, you can go ahead and tell me anything you want to talk about and I’ll be happy to be in a conversation with you. But if you were a customer of mine, then business as usual, baby. Tell me what you want, I’ll provide you what you need. And then we’re done. Poof. Simple.

If ONLY every call I get was like that, call center would’ve been the best job for me. I would’ve stayed longer and could’ve been better at my job but sadly, it was not.

If it ain’t for you, it ain’t for you. Amirite?!

My only advice when you get this type of customer is to just listen to what they say and never talk again because then the conversation would continue and you would be in a long call which destroys your KPI standing.

No, I’m just kidding. Just listen to them, I guess? Or you know just drop the call.

Okay, on to the third.

The creepy dudes/dudettes.

Now, this is the type of customer that is very uncomfortable to talk to as they wanna make everything… sexual. Like, bruh. Seriously. You’re LITERALLY hitting on someone you’ve never seen in person and only heard their voice. From 1 to 1000, how thirsty are you?!

How do you know I’m even a girl, you #$%@&^%@?!

Actually, I should’ve named this type of customer as simps. Thirsty simps.

Anyway, every time I get this type of customer during my shift, I feel VERY uncomfortable throughout the call as they keep on wanting me to come over to their house and get on their bouncy castle. Like, dude. How do you even know if we live in the same continent? I’m literally in a DIFFERENT continent with a DIFFERENT timeline as you.

You should buy me a ticket first and maybe then, I’ll change my mind.

No, I’m just kidding. Unless…

Personally, I don’t have any advice for this type of customer because I’m still figuring how to deal with these types of people myself in real life but you know what you should do?

Drop the call.

Okay, now on to the 4th.

The senior customers.

I freaking LOVE the seniors. They’re the most lovable ones. And the most grateful ones when I finished talking to them even if I’ve only helped them restart their router.

They always try to get out of their way to say I did a great job. Some even pulled an anti-Karen and talked to my supervisor and told them what a great job I did and how awesome I was. Honestly, those little things made my entire year.

Even if they’re probably miles away from me, I always feel like they’re giving me a pat on the back for doing a good job.

I’m a very impatient person but seniors are an exception. And no, I’m not giving out advice to drop the call this time because seniors are awesome. My only advice is to just be patient throughout the call.

Okay, let’s proceed to the 5th one.

The straightforward ones.

Now, I like these customers more than the seniors because they don’t want any BS and just want their thing and they’ll be on their way.

They’re basically my type of people.


Maybe it’s because I’m one of them, too. I mean, I don’t like to sugarcoat things and want to get things done immediately so yeah, we all have one thing in common.

The usual conversation with them is always something like this:

Me: Hi, what can I get you?

Customer: I’d like this thing.

Me: Sure, you got it. *3 seconds* Anything else?

Customer: No.

Me: Okay *3 seconds* Have a nice day!

Customer: Thanks. You too.

Now THAT interaction is one of the best things in the call center. That was only a 5 minute conversation. Heck, maybe even less!

But you should be careful, too, because getting this type of customer is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

I say this because some people get irate if they don’t get what they want straight away. They’ll go full on meanie in a hot minute.

But whatevah. I still like straightforward people. Don’t ever change.

On to the 6th one.

Now this, this is my favorite type of customer. This is top tier on my list. My favorite of all my favorites.

The ghost customer.

You know, the silent call that you would get from time to time. No person talking from the other side of the call. I can’t explain to you how much I LOVE getting this kind of call.

I would have the freedom to do whatever I want before dropping the call. I can stalk my crush that’s on the other side of the office, I can walk around the floor and see how everyone’s doing, I can somersault across the floor because no one’s gonna watch me do it anyway because they’re all talking to someone and staring at their screen.

So if you’re reading this article and is working in a call center, this is just my own list. And if you wanna take my advice I said in here, feel free to do so but do it at your own risk. Don’t blame me for losing your job.

No, I’m just kidding. Love you all. Don’t drop your ca–….

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