As an overseer, it is our duty to provide our dwellers with food, water, and power, send them on quests, and make them happy.

But how do you make your dwellers happy? Well, here are some of the proven effective ways to ensure the happiness around your vault.


Even in this game, dwellers do love “bonking”. Mating makes the dwellers’ Happiness boost to 100%. 

Avoid having too many kids

Fallout Shelter dwellers don’t know anything about safe sex. Sexual intercourse automatically results in a baby afterwards. Yes, mating increases your dwellers’ happiness but having too many kids all at once will impact the happiness level in your vault. Kids’ Happiness are stuck at 50 until they grow up to be an adult. You can, however, have one or two kids at the same time. Just make sure to do some planning before giving your dwellers some private time. Family planning is the key to happiness.

Get rid of the corpses

Even in real life, you don’t want to see a corpse lying around while working, right? If you were hit by a catastrophe and had some casualties inside a particular room, you need to get rid of the corpses fast. If you want to restore them back to life, you can also do that by paying some Caps. Just be sure to never have corpses lying around as this will also affect the Happiness not inside one room, but the whole vault.


Successful Rushes boosts your dwellers’ Happiness but it’s also risky. Failed Rushes can cause your dwellers to be discouraged and this will also decrease their Happiness level. Who wouldn’t be disheartened after doing hard work and watching it fail? I know I don’t. Be sure to time this one out very carefully.


Be sure to treat your dwellers once they’re injured or have radiation poisoning. Don’t prolong their injuries because it will make their Happiness drop.

The Radio Room

Assigning dwellers who have a high level of Charisma in the radio room increases the happiness level inside the vault. It will also give you higher chances of dwellers from the outside coming into your vault.

Bottle and Cappy

Bottle and Cappy are mascots that randomly visit your vault after you completed the “Nabbed from Nuka-World” quest. They boost all the dweller’s Happiness of up to 20%. Fallout Shelter dwellers sure love them. But this is temporarily as they will leave after a few minutes.

Pro tip: tap them while they are dancing. This will give you Nuka-Cola Quantum (when you tap Bottle) and Caps (when you tap Cappy).

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